Excuse Me Moses

EXCUSE ME MOSES have been around now for 18 years. They have played with superstars in arenas, were constantly present in the media and yet managed to fall between two stools. Funk, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Ballads. No matter how well all their singles, albums and concerts were, their stylistic versatility has and will always wowed the people.

The music is an important outlet for everyone in the band. This is already suggested by the band’s name: it reflects the world view of EXCUSE ME MOSES in general and, in particular, the one of singer Michael Paukner. He and his three companions per se refuse opinions ready-made and served in bite-sized nibbles on state, church and other “caring” institutions. Think yourself, decide yourself, do it yourself and do not blindly bleating follow the herd. Suffer setbacks, cope with setbacks, breathe in and take up forces to have another go! Each of the four band members pumps his frustration, his love of life, his whole anger and joy into the thirteen songs that sum up to III. Accordingly powerful these mangy fellows blast from the speakers. It goes almost without saying that the band has refined and improved its unmistakable sense for elegant melodic lines. The latest album III shows that EXCUSE ME MOSES are hell-rocking with blistering hooks that sink deep into the listener’s musical memory. Even the more balladlike songs are tremendously powerful – and still very sensitive. That’s what EXCUSE ME MOSES stand for: the positive energy of rock!



Michael Paukner – vocals
Dietmar Schrödl – guitar
Gerald Weichselbaum – bass
Martin Scheer – drums

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