Bloody Unholy Christmas out now!



The Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space are releasing a cover-album for Christmas? With songs from Abba, Madonna, Robbie Williams, etc.?? WHAT THE FUCK??! Right?! Haha – I bet this was the first reaction of some of you, but to set things straight – No, we are not secretly big fans of 70ies/80ies pop, and the reason for this weird mix of tracks is a completely different one.

The whole story started 10 years ago when we had the idea to perform our oblique Halloween Show in full KISS-makeup playing some of their songs. Unfortunately we could not get a show booked for the 31st of October that year, but we really liked the idea and spontaneously decided to postpone the whole thing to Christmas instead. From that year on we continued to put up an annual Christmas Show in our hometown Vienna, and every year we surprised our audience with another short cover set at the beginning of the show. Year by year we went more obscure and outrageous and found ourselves dressed up as Michael Jackson or Guns’n‘Roses for example – and oh boy, did we have fun! People loved it and we very much enjoyed playing some of the songs. 10 years have gone by and we have now decided to put an end to our so called „Unholy X-Mess Jamboree“.
And to celebrate this hilarious part of our band history we decided to record this album. I hope you´ll enjoy it and have at least as half as much fun listening to it as we had when we produced it.

Have a bloody unholy Christmas and a Happy Holiday!

bloody-unholy-christmas-mediumRelease Date: 25.11.2016
Label: Schlitzer-Pepi Records | monkey.

Bloody Unholy Christmas
Material Girl
Der Kommissar
Let Me Entertain You
God of Thunder
Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man after Midnight)
Science Fiction/ Double Feature
Welcome to the Jungle
Don’t Stop Me Now
Merry Christmas Everybody


Thriller: Spoken words performed by Bela B.
Der Kommissar: Guitar solo & guitar intro by Peter Vieweger
Der Kommissar: Moog-Bass & Synth-Chords by Thomas Rabitsch
Let Me Entertain: Guitar solo by Neil Taylor
Science Fiction Double Feature: Backing vocals by Argyle Goolsby (Steve Matthews)
Science Fiction Double Feature: Narrator James Balsamo
Welcome to the Jungle: Backing vocals by Koefte deVille (Mourad Markus Calvies)