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De Expressione Humanitatis:music & drama

Backstage in the minds of artists


Vienna,  2014

Perdurabo Film and Mano Cornuta Artist Management present the music documentary De Expressione Humanitatis: music and drama. In a live discussion as well as in exclusive interviews, public’s darlings such as Angelika Kirschschlager, Karlheinz Hackl and others talk about the art scene in Austria, their approaches to art and the intersections between drama and music. “De Expressione Humanitatis: music and drama” allows the viewer a unique insight into the world and work of an actor or musician and explains the processes which artists live through to come from an idea to a finished piece of (art) work.

Artists rarely grant such an intimate insight into their work and thoughts. The viewer can thus understand how the life of an artist is off stage and what effort must be made to present, for example, a piece on stage.

In De Expressione Humanitatis: music and drama issues such as the impact of the new media on art or the art business are also examined in detail. Another topic in this documentation is the current situation of artists in Austria compared to other countries of the same size and all the changes for artists in the last 30 years. The willingness of the actors to participate in this documentation without a fee, testifies, what an interesting and yet also important role De Expressione Humanitatis: music and drama plays for the understanding of art in general.

The Cast

Angelika Kirschschlager, internationally successful mezzo-soprano Karlheinz Hackl, actor and singer Erwin Kiennast, musician and composer (Kiddy Contest) Eric Spitzer-Marlyn, musician and producer (worked with Bruce Springsteen and others) Diana Kienast, director and stage direction at the Vienna State Opera Lisa Stern, actress and musician Anthony Jacobson, producer, actor, musician

Host: Peter Kutej Visuals: Tom Venning

De Expressione Humanitatis: music and drama is an independent production, produced without any funding from governmental or private institutions.

Language: German Running time: app. 50 min

The producers

De Expressione Humanitatis: music and drama is a production of Perdurabo Film, Stefan Koller and Mano Cornuta Artistmanagement.

Perdurabo Film is an independent film production company founded by Mag. Anthony Jacobson, 2012 in Vienna, Austria.

Anthony Jacobson was born in 1985 in Vienna. After studying theater, film and media scienes and training at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles, he works based in Vienna as a film producer, actor and musician. Anthony Jacobson worked among others at the Ferdinand Raimund Festival in 2007 and was featured in numerous cabaret and theatre productions, as well as with his band.

Stefan Koller, MA was born in 1982 in Vienna, Austria. After his film studies in Byron, Australia, he returned to Vienna in 2012 to work from here as a producer and director. In Australia Stefan Koller produced several short films and a television show for an Australian television station.

Mano Cornuta Artistmanagement is an artist agency that was founded by Fanny Jacobson, BA MAS at the end of 2011 in Vienna, Austria.

Fanny Jacobson was born in 1986 in Vienna and studied as well in Spain as in Austria translation in the languages ​​German, English and Spanish. Already during her study of arts and cultural management at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna, Fanny Jacobson worked for various artists and agencies in Austria and collected plenty of experience and contacts in the arts and culture scene.

De Expressione Humanitatis: music and drama is currently in post-production.

Watch the trailer: