Farewell Dr. Hermann Schreck!!


Personal statement by Dr. Schreck:

Dear folks,

It was a great 15 years for me with the BZfOS, but now many more great years await me with my two little sons and my wife. I have decided with the deepest conviction that from now on I will spend my time with my family and thus stop being an active musician with the Zombies. As the Zombies are becoming more and more successful and therefore the band will take up more time, I would miss this time even more for my loved ones.

Through my participation, I have met many great people, played unforgettable concerts and experienced a lot of joy – thank you, dear ARMY, thank you, dear ZOMBIES!

Not only were we a band, but we are also friends who have spent a very exciting and eventful time together, with ups and downs as it should be, and we will stay friends.
I wish my successor and the band the very best for their musical future and will always remain a zombie in my heart.

I hope to see you again at a BZfOS event in Vienna, where I, too, will not be on stage but in the audience.

Stay sick,
yours Doktore

And no worries, the anniversary tour will definitely be played with bass player Dejan!