New Remix-EP „Under Your Spell“ by MATEUS out now!New Remix-EP „Under Your Spell“ by MATEUS out now!

UNDER YOUR SPELL – A declaration of love to yourself

Under Your Spell (UYS) describes encounters of fate that happen to us beyond our conscious actions. The idea is based on precisely those moments in which everyone has already found himself several times. Those moments that bring us to a fork in our path and lead us to significant decisions – no matter which way we go, it will influence our lives decisively .

It is precisely this inner fight, the dialogue and the resolution you achieve after debating with yourself if you should or should not let yourself be seized by emotion, which MATEUS expresses with his new song UYS. Acknowledging the need to do this, it is one of the main steps for MATEUS, to firstly gain the strength and then to have fun carrying his life in his own hands.

The man behind MATEUS is the native Colombian Ricardo Tovar who connects the electronic beats of his homeland with the rhythm of the Austrian classical music, his great love, for which he has come to Vienna. UYS is the mix of orchestral sounds, epic brass and accompanying strings with the intimacy of the piano. All solitary strong sound elements are connected by the pulsation of kick drums and vocals that at the same time express MATEUS intimate and melancholic personal world.

Ricardo Tovar is pleased with the result: „I have two hearts in me, my Colombian roots and my love for Austria. With UYS I address the innermost feeling of everyone to be close to yourself. If the intimacy of humanity around the world is equal, so the expression of inner feelings cannot be more different. And this bridge between equality and divergence is the substantial idea, especially of the acoustic version, in which I can show the classical composer in me – and in electronic music this possibility does not exist too often.”

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